Briston Maroney – Skyline Lyrics

Briston Maroney Skyline Lyrics

Silence was a weapon
Point it at my chest then
I would raise my voice, but I know how that would go
Clearing empty bottles
Drove a hundred thousand miles
Wish that I could tell you this was a twisted joke

I am not liar
Remember this was nothing
Why do I feel poison
Dripping from my mouth?

Stayed awake till sunrise
Saw the Salt Lake City skyline
Silver days was perfect, you howled it to the moon
On those Carolina islands
You swore we’d never die then
Told me all your secrets, my lips still sealed for you

And I am not a liar
All the times that we were no one
Tastes like fucking poison
Dripping from my mouth

And I could never hurt you
At least I didn’t want to
That was back before I
Knew what I know now

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Briston Maroney
  • Album: Ultrapure
  • Released: 2023