Briston Maroney – Sink;Swim Lyrics

Briston Maroney Sink Swim Lyrics

Lately I’ve been missing all my old friends
Like I had them
To begin with
You can never blame someone for changing
Unless you try to, sounds exhausting
I heard that the fastest way to keep yourself in the same place
To worry ’bout the things you haven’t done
I’ve been trying the best I can
To make sure I don’t miss my chance
But I don’t think that I’m the only one

Every light is bound to burn out
That don’t mean we can see in the dark

No matter how I’ve tried
Haven’t found the perfect way out
I’m about an inch now from jumping ship
It’s gonna take some luck
Banking on the sun coming up
Who doesn’t love a good old
Sink or swim?

One, two

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Briston Maroney
  • Album: Ultrapure
  • Released: 2023