Zack Fox – mexico Lyrics

Zack Fox mexico Lyrics

What you not gon’ do is talk while real niggas is talkin’, like shut the fuck
No, like literally, be quiet
I don’t need to hear anything from you, hush, nigga
Silence, of the Lambs
Like Anthony Hopkins is here
You see that the wolf is talkin’, bitch
Don’t wanna hear a peep out of you
Not another word, nigga
Not another word
Or Mexico gon’ get real fuckin’ ignorant in this motherfucker
And what niggas really don’t want is for me to get ignorant
‘Cause when Mexico get ignorant, it get out of hand
I’m talking ’bout the point where my niggas can’t control me
That little, that little voice of reason in your brain
Connected to the frontal cortex
Yeah, nah, let that nigga click for me
You understand, like
Ignorant to where a nigga just drawing down in public
And not givin’ a fuck about much of nothing
Y’all don’t want me to do that
White people, you for sure don’t want me to do that

Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
No, no, no
Yeah-yeah (Ayy, yeah)

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