Yung Gravy – Nightmare on Peachtree Street Lyrics

Yung Gravy Nightmare on Peachtree Street Lyrics (feat. bbno$, Freddie Dredd & BABY GRAVY)

Freddie – shows!
Gravy – were they at?
Baby – sold out
Yea – tour the world
Get the bag
Get the money
Pipe your mom
She so lovely
Never wife a thot I love da money
Out in San Diego with some boys
3 days no sleep can’t keep poised
Uhhhhh hold up!

Pussy boys bugging im pesticide
4 billie streams like im bonafide
MK2 its a joy ride
She jeckle me off like im mr Hyde

Boys int he stu off the DMT
yeah we quite high got my dick and my balls in-er
while im at 5 guys
Mayo with the fries
Eyes on the prize
Its bag bag bag

Baby no money what u say say say
Only ever tryna get paid paid paid
Pop it, bop it, lock it, fade!!!
Dunno how I got laid laid laid

Got a little pump she got a d and a rose
10 like ben 10 wrist on frozen
Merch seller full name Jason clothes
Never sold out but I sold out shows

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Alex Gumuchian, David Wilson, Jason Rich, Matthew Hauri, Ryan Mitchel Chassels
  • Album: Nightmare on Peachtree Street
  • Released: 2023