yeule – My Name is Nat Cmiel Lyrics

yeule My Name is Nat Cmiel Lyrics

My name is Nat
I am 22 years old
I like music, dancing ballet, crushing up rocks and snorting them,
And genderless people
I like to eat, but I don’t like it when it lingers on my body
I like to take up as little space as possible
I like pretty textures in sound,
I like the way some music makes me feel
I like making up my own worlds
And the people who live inside me
I like to dress up and not going out
I like my cat, Miso
I like touching myself, and I like being far away from my own body
I like sweet things, physical and consumable
I like short sentences that say everything I felt at one go
I like obsessing over people, and then throwing them away
I like being a boy, I like being a girl
I like getting f**ked, and I like to f**k
I like to be pure, I like believing there’s a cure
But, most of all, I

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