Westside Gunn – Ritz Barlton Lyrics

Westside Gunn Ritz Barlton Lyrics (feat. Estee Nack)

Ayy, yo, yo, yo (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Nackman (Nackie Chan, nigga)
You know what I mean?
Bodega to the barber shops (Yeah!)
Uh-huh (I did)
Acid tab for the astronauts (Peligro, nigga)
You got the shit locked, yo (This paper, son)
Son (Yo)

As far as nine in the vest goes, I’m a hooper (Splat)
Locked eyes with the bitches and then froze like Medusa, yeah (Yeah)
They ready to struggle, Chet blow like a hookah (Woah)
Swallow it back to the best, snow like a boots, crack’s Kama Sutra (Oh, yeah)
Nackman super, money like Mansa Musa (Yeah)
Few should poor us, helpin’ clear the future, fight the feeling (Skrrt)
We out at nightclub hours, see that’s the type of chillin’
You know, I’m bringin’ more than the eyesight
The villain how he’s feeling (Which one went up?)
Lil’ beef motherfuckers, the night is still
Sittin’ they ass down just like hype children (Fuck outta here)
Bright grill ’em ’bout slicing of million
Twin bitches, that means twice Brazilian (Blah)
Sit on the throne, you hear my name ring (Brring)
Bells en el bajo mundo, they know my name well (Nack)
Survivors came before the fame helped (Ad-libs)
How the motherfuckers in control of the game? Tell (Yeah)
Break the scale, a mixed powdered brick that the North can’t sell (Woah)

Ayo, iPhone hittin’ in the Sheers list (In the Sheer list)
Walk around with no shirt on in my building
Fifty bucks’ll get you stabbed right now, you hear me? (You hear me?)
Not a scuff on my mark, nah, it’s lookin’ like a million
I’m on the dance floor, blowin’ kisses at your bitch (At your bitch)
My G-Shock saying I’ll be comin’ home soon
Dick sucks at the Halfway House, feel like the Ritz (Feel like the Ritz, ah)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Westside Gunn
  • Album: Peace “Fly” God
  • Released: 2022