VIC MENSA – The Weeping Poets Lyrics

VIC MENSA The Weeping Poets Lyrics (feat. Jay Electronica)

I must say that I am very honored and grateful to almighty God
To all those of you who are in this audience
Who heard in the newspapers about this controversial fellow
When I read your newspapers, in truth
I wondered who you were talking about
Because I look at this fellow every day in the mirror
And I don’t see what you see

Ain’t no love but the one inside of the mirror
I had to learn that shit the hard way
Every penny I earned, paid for itself in heartbreak
Members of my team descended to fiends, Delonte
Some got murdered over ink like Ja Rule and Ashanti
That jealousy is corrosive, it burn the one that beholds it
Allah spoke to many prophets but only one of them’s Moses
On top of Mount Sinai receiving signals through Wi-Fi
Let the trumpets blow for God’s Son like Olu Dara
Nas flow, I learned life was a bitch when I was ’bout five
Writing suicide notes as a mixed kid on the Southside
Switch lens to the present moment, I’m past the twenty-seven omen
Life is short with a sense of humor, think Gary Coleman
Almost sacrificed it getting high at my depressive lowest
Fighting temptations like, “Ain’t nobody came to see you Otis!”
I found vision through all the shade, like Stevie’s focus
I lost friendships that parted ways
Like an animal shelter, they caught a stray
Me and my dawgs learned to be ferocious
All y’all n***** know is to hate, guess they xenophobic
Sometimes an evil man can be a decent solider
Let my tears fall on the page for the weeping poets

If you will repudiate me
Then repudiate me as a liar
But if I speak the truth tonight
Shut your mouth!
Shut your mouth!
I will stake my life on what I say
Will you stake your life on what you say?

Weeping poets
Sorrow and grief behind us
Satanic beasts is before us
A table of feast to bestow us for mastering street heroics
And even as the chalk dry
It’s still waters we walk by
So when we hear, “Takbir”
All we say is, “Allahu Akbar”
Like a stranger in Palestine hurling molotovs at a cop car
It’s strictly by faith we got far
Jay Elect-Phantom-of-the-shakras
Ruler of Zamunda
The Great King Joffre Joffer
Spitting Old Testament
New Testament and Apocrypha

Victory is in our clutches like Mensa
Hablar mi que tu piensas
Since 1930, The Mahdi been at our center
Bismillah Boys in the building, giving light out to the children
Like a lighthouse to the pilgrims
Like the sun to the whole six sextillion
I pledge my life to the Christ Syllabus like Maximus did Aurelius
Turn the eardrum to a umbilicus as I spit that you could never get rid of us
Since Genesis, Exodus, and ‘Viticus, I been at war with Darth Sidious

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: VIC MENSA, Jay Electronica
  • Album: Victor
  • Released: 2023