Trippie Redd – 1716 Osage Lyrics

Trippie Redd 1716 Osage Lyrics

(Nothing at all)

March like a muhf**kin’ band with that K, uh (Bah)
We be standin’ on shit, that’s where you gon’ lay (Lay)
You in that way, you gon’ die today (Die)
Got on this shit, I feel like Kray (Kray, black)
Get high with me while I’m fadin’ away (Fadin’ away), yeah
They follow, I’m leadin’ the wave (Leadin’ the wave)
Where you goin’? Like, ayy, bae, bae (Ayy, bae, bae)
Tryna eat that cake like Anna Mae (Like Anna Mae)
And the racks, they blue, all in the safe (They all in the safe)
I keep the cool ’cause I’m safe (Because I’m safe), ayy
Play with me, you lay (Lay)
Play with me, you lay (Lay)
I don’t care what you say (Say), ayy (Bah)
Man, that shit up in a (In a)
Ocean view, I got the wave (Got the wave)
Broke hoes make me sick (Make me sick)
Tired of love, I my heart up in the VIP (In the VIP)
Bump my head, now I’m YoungBoy, walkin’ with a dent (Walkin’ with a dent, bah)
I’m Lil Wayne, but my gun walk, walkin’ with a limp (Ha)
Look your ho, she embarassed that she walkin’ with a simp (Yuh)
I’m a big blood, but I’m screamin, “R.I.P. to Nip’,”
Blood, blood, blood (Shoutout to crips)
I got foreign hoes, foreign cars (Foreign cars)
I got bad bitches and they pornstars (Pornstars)
Ever since I lost my damn brother, I been goin’ hard (Goin’ hard)
I might count a hundred mil’ in my dream car
Shawty slurpin’ on the floor, I know her knees hurt
I done hit a few stains in my fiend car (Yeah)
Sock him in his shit and make him seizure (Woo)
Plottin’ on the game, I made him dream hard (Woo)
.556, .223, I’m in that foreign car, baby, pick up speed (Yeah)
And they don’t need to know about you and me (Woo)
I got this shit blowin’ up like TNT (Ah)
Don’t even call my phone no more, D.N.D. (Woo)
I gotta rob the bank, PNC (Yeah)
I’m tryna rob the bank, PNC
I’m Peter Parker pimpin’, bitch, I’m PPP (Woo-hoo)
I’m with lil’ Mary Jane and we hit the trees (Woo-hoo)
We smokin’ woods in the woods, follow me (Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo)
And I’m from the trenches, I am not a actor (Not a actor, nah)
Man, I’m in that ship, I should go to Saturn (Go to Saturn)
Man, I’m out my mind, feel like Jacob’s Ladder (Jacob’s Ladder)
They stay on that shit that just don’t even matter (Don’t even matter)
Slice and dice a bitch like a weed wacker (Weed wacker)
That lil’ bitch, she funny, that’s a knee-snapper (Knee-snapper)
She was talkin’ foul, that’s a lean backer (Lean backer)
Beat that pussy down like a line backer (Line backer)
Run it over, I’m runnin’ shit over (Run)
I’m runnin’ shit over (Run), I’m runnin’ shit over (Skrrt)
I’m runnin’ shit over (Skrrt), I’m runnin’ shit (Bah, down, uh-huh)

Woo, ha
Woo-hoo, yeah

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Igor Mamet, Michael Lamar White II
  • Album: Saint Michael
  • Released: 2023