ScHoolboy Q – Smile Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q Smile Lyrics

And I love you
My old bitcH get swerved
I fell off
OH word
THe new car go skrrr
I did it big, big work
THe blue lips, boy Hurt
THe trutH is just curse
Well god damn, got scammed
THe best friend dark skinned
I came all off you ways
I fully gone insane
I’m feeling low in sHame
I never learned bout late
You got a tongue witH no taste
I feel tHe sun in no sHade
You n*** funny ok
But try to copy, Ha
Even wHen I’m on my low day
Even wHen I’m on my HigH day
Even wHen I’m on tHe HigHway
Even wHen I’m feelin’ sideways
WHat’s a Benz if you ain’t in tHe driveway Can’t compare a Bentley to a Hyundai You my Kim K to my Kanye
We can blow a Hundred on a Tuesday We can recollect into a new tHang
We can suicide ain’t takin’ no break
You make me
You make me
Smile smile smile
THat’s it

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: ScHoolboy Q
  • Album: BLUE LIPS
  • Released: 2024