ScHoolboy Q – Germany 86′ Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q Germany 86 Lyrics

It was love tHat brougHt you Here to me
Hey-Hey, Hey-Hey, Hey-Hey, Hey-Hey
YeaH, uH, uH

I feel leveled, I’m good
My Head better, I’m straigHt
My mom stayed workin’ late
SHe taugHt me How to be great
My superHero’s a woman
You know sHe served for tHis country
Sent Her bacc to tHe Hoovers
Left Her son for tHe sHooters
We in tHe streets playin’ catcH
I guess we comin’ up next, uH

I guess we comin’ up next
I guess we growin’ up stressed
By ten years we was thirty
WatcHin’ your Homie get stretcHed
WatcHin’ your Homie get X’ed out
And bleed tHrougH His flesH
I feel leveled, I’m straigHt
My Head better, I’m good

My babysitter knew I Had tHe strap on contact
My dog beat life, didn’t snitcH and I’m proud of tHat
He finally came Home, gon’ ball again, all of tHat
On God

My baby mama know I’m a dog, I’ll be Home again
I’m sorry for tHe silence, I’ma make up tHose promises
THe way you keep tHis wHole sHit togetHer, fasHo we lit
On god, yeaH, yeaH
I see tHey jealous, we-

Pain, pain, pain
A little for some and a wHole lot for otHers
Complete crusHing for tHose wHo never understand in tHis society pain is a part of man
Pain, pain
Endure you must or be crusHed
Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain, pain

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: ScHoolboy Q
  • Album: BLUE LIPS
  • Released: 2024