salem ilese – Strongly Worded Letter Lyrics

salem ilese Strongly Worded Letter Lyrics

To whom it may concern
You ripped my heart out and let it burn
Took it out and you put it in the ground
Like 7 feet down and you fed it to the worms

You said we were forever
Then you said the same thing heather
Now I’m at your front door trying not get mad
Begging for my shit back
What a shit bag

I tried boxing out the anger
That didn’t work
I tried cutting up your sweater
That made it worse
Nothing leaves me feeling better

Than a strongly worded letter
A strongly worded letter

I hope this finds you well
Somewhere in the deepest depths of hell
I was gonna keep this to myself
But something in me felt compelled
When I thought of how you didn’t really like my dog
And you separated all of the recycling wrong
And you always took the last piece of pizza
What a diva
I don’t need ya

Ps I’m the best you’ll never get back
You left and I guess that I’ll respect that
Don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for a text back
The best revenge, yeah it’s dripping from my pen cap

Not yours

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Bendik Møller, Kristine Flaherty, Spencer Stewart, salem ilese
  • Album: Strongly Worded Letter
  • Released: 2023