Roddy Ricch – Survivor’s Remorse Lyrics

Roddy Ricch Survivor’s Remorse Lyrics

Let’s talk about everything so I can give it some closure
Way before the Grammys, Billboard charts, when I was riding around in local
Let’s talk about how we done came up and they tried to fold us
Roddy really anti, they took it personal, what the fuck was I supposed to do?
I been going through child support
A good daddy, I vouch for it
She just want a new mile for her
Fuck around, fell out with some of my homies
Having too much pride
And they can’t even say I didn’t try, ooh, I

Imagine if I had a dollar for every time you said I fell off, I’d be a billionaire
I was blinded by survivor’s remorse, I was supposed to build here
Still solid, still here
Still home, I done stepped on base
Pride myself off the progress of being off codeine
I promise it’s so hard to shake
Roddy, you wealthy, Roddy, you golden
Roddy, you built for this
Roddy be tired of everybody opinion
Behind the closed doors, you can feel this shit
Switch on this Glock, and this Maybach extended
F8 the ‘Rari, the Lambo, I advented it
Bitch, I’m the heart of the trenches
I still talk shit with my dogs in the penitentiary

Pulled up the numbers, we earned out the label
Hunnid something nights we put food on the table
You ain’t heard shit from the club house
‘Cause the Crips probably violated ’em
F&N to stop the opps in they tracks, yeah, yeah
Dawgy got the double murder, still got action, yeah, yeah

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Roddy Ricch
  • Album: Survivor’s Remorse
  • Released: 2024