Playboi Carti – Evil Jordan Lyrics

Playboi Carti Evil Jordan Lyrics, Playboi Carti EvilJordan Lyrics

First I go whip out the boat
No, I can’t hit on no brakes
My life is outta control
I’m tellin’ you, nobody’s safe
I’ve been livin’ my life limbo
My ice, it came with a tray
I’m so high, gotta hide my face
This not a rockstar phase
I’m a emo thug in my phase
Syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, tell her to go chase
Monkey nuts, hold me, baby, I got on two chains
Roll another blunt and I might motherf**kin’ faint
Spin on the block, have a pussy nigga stained
I just put on my boots, I ain’t worry about no rain
Put a nigga down, channel 2, frontpage
You was just asking for some change, now you changed
Yeah, I told you, yeah, ’bout that money sh*t is strange

Fully loaded check,hold up, evil Jordan pay
I put duct tape on my switch, perfect aim
They can’t put me in no job, baby, cause I changed the game
We f**kin’ on the same hoe, but we not the same
Disrespect the five, I put yo’ ass in the food chain (Swamp Izzo!)
B**** keep calling my phone, she said Ms. Jackson going through her brain (Carti!)
We was just outside dancin’, moving the molly, feelin’ insane (He’s comin’!)
F**k the b**** so nasty, we going Sephora, then we go pink
She’s not so f**kin’ toxic and she care about what I think
She’s nothing like no other b****es, she care about what I drink
I think she’s a fling, I think she’s a playmaker
She should be on my team, she should get her ring
She ain’t even can be mean, but she command the team
Diamonds they come out the water
My came with a Wraith, the Wraith came with a chauffeur
The chauffeur ready to take me (I am the music!)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Playboi Carti
  • Album: Evil Jordan
  • Released: 2024