ONEUS – TRICKSTER Lyrics, Tracklist

ONEUS TRICKSTER Lyrics Tracklist

TRICKSTER is the 7th mini-album by South Korean boy band, ONEUS released through RBW on May 17th 2022.

TRICKSTER mini-album contains an intro plus 6 new tracks, including the Korean and English versions of their title track, Bring It On.

This is the first comeback in 6 months since the 6th mini album BLOOD MOON released in November last year.


  1. ONEUS – Intro: Who Got the Joker? Lyrics
  2. ONEUS – 덤벼 (Bring it on) Lyrics
  3. ONEUS – Skydivin\’ Lyrics
  4. ONEUS – 두 눈 빠지도록 (Firebomb) Lyrics
  5. ONEUS – 취급주의 (Fragile) Lyrics
  6. ONEUS – Mr. Wolf Lyrics
  7. ONEUS – 덤벼 (Bring it on) (English Ver.) Lyrics

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