Nasty C – Release Me Lyrics

Nasty C Release Me Lyrics

I’m so so guilty
Of not letting my fans see the real me
I’m so so guilty
Of lying about the things that I get up to on the weekly

Like calling hoes to come please me
When I’m spending most of my time
With the woman I love deeply
Gang gang barely see me
I’m at the house in yesterday’s fit
Taking it easy release me

Brooklyn Nine Nine
Season 8 final episode
Won’t finish itself bitch release me
I’m trying to get on my grown man shit
So “think & grow rich” is no good on the shelf bitch release me

I’m trying to leave this microphone wet and make my best album yet
With no regrets bitch release me
And i just made the meanest fried chicken in the muthafucking world
Let me eat bitch release me
Fingers looking greasy
Ahh shit!

Ey who’s that?
Come on and sit down man if you’re sitting down dawg

This shit feel good man
You know
You feel me
You smell me

Allow me to reintroduce myself
If you’ll allow me to be me and not reduce myself
I’m religious, I’m a geek and I’m a sucker for love
You’ll never guess from how I act up when I’m up in the club

I got knives in my back
I’ve got grudge in my blood
Anger issues
Punch the wall until my knuckles are numb

Got famous young
Wasn’t ready for ya’ll to meet me
So don’t hold me to nothing I said before
Please release me

My old pictures circling the net
With people, I’m tryna forget
We not friends bitch release me
We was cool back in the days
But then we went our separate ways
And I don’t have to go in-depth bitch release me

I’m tryna make a business out my name
Fuck a chain
I got bills up to my neck bitch release me
Mercedes just sent a brand new whip
And I aint even drove that mother fucker yet
Bitch release me

That shit’s looking squeeky!
Awww shit!

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Nasty C
  • Album: I Love It Here
  • Released: 2023