Muse – Will Of the People Album Lyrics

Muse Will Of the People Album Lyrics

Will of the People is the ninth studio album by the English rock band, Muse released through Warner Records and Helium-3.

The band will tour in support of the record from October 2022 as part of the Will of the People World Tour.

Naturally, then, the album is restless and far-reaching in its sound. This album goes from metal all the way to pop to, I don’t know, my first version of an Adele song, kind of like me on the piano, then lots of electronica.

Muse Will Of the People Album Tracklist:

  1. Muse – Will Of The People Lyrics
  2. Muse – Compliance Lyrics
  3. Muse – Liberation Lyrics
  4. Muse – Won’t Stand Down Lyrics
  5. Muse – Ghosts (How Can I Move On) Lyrics
  6. Muse – You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween Lyrics
  7. Muse – Kill Or Be Killed Lyrics
  8. Muse – Verona Lyrics
  9. Muse – Euphoria Lyrics
  10. Muse – We Are Fucking Fucked Lyrics

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Muse
  • Album: Will Of The People
  • Released: 2022