Mariah the Scientist – 40 Days n 40 Nights Lyrics

Mariah the Scientist 40 Days n 40 Nights Lyrics (feat. Vory)

I’ll put a hundred miles on the AMG tonight and take it anywhere but home
Scent lingering on all on my clothes, I
Turn the ringer on my phone off, I’ll
Give you your distance
If you’ve already made a commitment to be someone else’s, I
Must respect it
Thought I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to myself
When you look me in my eyed and
Tell me that it’s mine, I
Made them sacrifices
Spent forty days and forty nights withdrawing from ecstasy
Gave you what was left of me

Baby, it’s
Hard enough learning to let you go
Can’t imagine teaching someone else how
Hate the fact that I can’t leave you alone
Tired of lying to myself ’bout this
Feeling that never dies now
Every night when I’m on my own, only thing that’s living in my mind
Every time I was ever told not to get my feelings intertwined
I should’ve listened
Now I’m here missing you

It’s been awhile, baby girl, I been out the way
I been tryna set things here straight
I got opp n***** too close to where I stay
And my brain waves going 80-80-8, baby
How come you never check on me?
How come you the first thing on my mind when I’m lonely?
I lost my lover and my homie
Oh, baby, hold me
You took the time to open up with all your scars and insecurities
But I wasn’t ready for it
I took the time to learn your body
So I fucked you like nobody ever did, and you wasn’t ready for it
Top floor, a penthouse in Miami, balcony
Does that bring back all your memories?
Is that the only way you remember me?
Oh, baby, babe

A hundred miles on the Wraith just so we can fuck again
All because of you I can’t love again
Do you ever think about what you did to me?
Spiritually and mentally, oh baby
I fell in love with someone who was in love with someone else
I’m cutting ties with everybody who ain’t good for my health
Shit, I ain’t even good for myself these days

Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Oh, baby

I ain’t even good

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Mariah Buckles, Vory
  • Album: To Be Eaten Alive
  • Released: 2023