Majid Jordan – The Message Lyrics

Majid Jordan The Message Lyrics

Nights feel cold
The morning is for angels
In their light, I begin
And all I pray when I meet them
Is they don’t shrink from me
Beneath the light of your sincerity

I know you see me this way
Know you hear what I say
Deep in my mind
What else do I say?
Every day and I’ve been waiting on it
Waiting to get closer to you
Just me, lovingly
When I look into your light, I see the truth
When I lay under your moon
When I’m loving and I’m listening to you
You show me what I could do

I felt you reappearing as the tide left
Let it rain till you forgive
One day, you lay me to rest
Love on my last breath
Lift me up
Light of love
Show me my light

One day, I’ll know that I’m ready to love
It’s all that I was made to do
I’ll tell you now with what I’m going through
That all this love that lifts me up belongs

All this love, it belongs to you
All this love, it belongs to you
All my love, it belongs to you
Belongs to you

Baby, I know
Baby I know, I know, I know
Baby, I know it’s true
But what can I offer you?

All I can offer you
Belongs to you

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Jordan Ullman, Majid Al-Maskati, Mansur Brown
  • Album: Good People
  • Released: 2023