M.I Abaga – More Life Lyrics

M.I Abaga More Life Lyrics (feat. Ice Prince & Jesse Jagz)

Real life, real time, real words, real vibe, real energy
It’s been a long time coming
Jude out, MI

Sunshine, sunshine
Smoke and red wine
Fuck your bad vibes (Fuck ’em)
I no get time
Walahi (eh eh)
Walahi (Yeah)
I’ve been on my grind, I’ve been hustling long time (Long time)
Niggas can’t see me, like all of them dey come grind oh (Wan grind)
Me I no dey for your stress, e no concern me
I’ve been way bigger than all of you combine

From time (From time, from time)
Walahi (Walahi, walaitalai)
Let me living my life, you live your life
Toast to more life, we do this shit for life
Walahi, walahi

On my life, on my life
Me I no want stress for my life
You do me wrong, well it’s your right
Me I no get strength to come fight
If you don’t value me, It’s alright, me I no fit negotiate my price
You can’t stop me, no matter how black,
Your heart no go fit to stop the sunrise
Me I no get enemy now, it’s just good vibes and family round
Me no fit bring my energy down
Me been drinking and spitting this loud
Jaga came through with the high grade oh
If you hit it then your eye gonna dilate oh
We see bad vibes coming and we migrate oh yeah (Eh, eh)
No rocking with my no, no
I been on my own grind, smoking weed, sipping red wine
Enemy come next time
Some much shit that I let fly
From time (From time, from very very long time)
Walahi (Walahi, walaitalaitalai)

Let me live my life and you live your life
Let’s toast on more life, we do this shit for life

Emperor, come now oh
Yes, ayy
This is a fucking album,
Like sort of feeling like when you board a flight across the border
Right, smoking and sipping wine a brother, when we record tonight
More than hype, niggas follow like my fucking word is light rolling
Fuck ’em niggas who be trolling, smoking, hoping, kept a nigga hoping
Flow instinct, wide awake on a bowing
Knowing you all can’t see where we going
Revolutionary, MI and Jagz we keep patrolling
Seize ama growing, seize them a flowing
Blessed is he who believes and insuring,
Knowing that every sweet moment is stolen
Experience light, every memory is
Families free but your friends gets chosen
Mans trynna kill another man
‘Cause he knows and behold ’em and when we see that we every exposing

Let me live my life and you live your life
Let’s toast on more life, we do this shit for life
Walahi (For life)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: M.I Abaga, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz
  • Album: The Guy
  • Released: 2022