Leikeli47 – Carry Anne Lyrics

Leikeli47 Carry Anne Lyrics

If they don’t pay your bills
Pay them no mind
Move on to the friend
If he waisting time
He calling again
Then bitch hit decline
Cus when they forget
Then you must remind

Such a big deal
Ahead of its time
I keep it on chill
A hint of that lime
I’m in the field
Most of time
Lordette of the ghetto,
They must have a shrine

Hallelujah / what it do yeah
If you want it gotta bust a move yeah
If they offer one / tell em two yeah
Baby make em play by your rules yeah

I’m cunt

Straight like that / with a lil bit of stunt
Cartier frames help me see what I want
Red dirt and concrete mixed in a blunt
If you got a problem we can take it out front

Rip to brax
Va loves youbaby girl
Hampton to halifax
We gon’ take this round the world

A good thing all up in his face
But I ain’t got no time to waste
The only thing that keep me safe, is my safe
The bank is the only thing I’ll ever chase
A love I nevercan replace

Speaking of / I’m a need you to pay me like you paying him
I put that word on my timbs
I just bent one of my rims
So you know I need them ends

Plus these babies need pampers
Mo’ hunneds for the dancers
And if she give you a shot
Then you better romance her
Straight shooter / I’m the answer
Ho pull up

Diamonds all up in my grill and my juste un clou
Complimenting my bubble goose
I came up on that sunnydale and that jungle juice
You do not want me running loose / nah

Rip to brax
Va loves you baby girl
Hampton to halifax
We gon’ take this round the world

24 karats all up in my hydro
Mention my name all the real girls know
I’m like an exclusive sneaker
Coming through the speaker
They line up to come see the show
A natural born killa
But I’m a need spike to direct my thriller
Girl 47 aka carry anne
Va to bk baby we back again
Love to the baby mamas in tallahassee
On they paper route and they keep it classy
My detroit girls that keep it playa
Love to the granny’s, aunties, southern mayors / gettin shit done
Shake it, bake it, rake it
But girl don’t break it
Stack it all up
And let nobody take it
Call ‘em on the bullshit / nobody fake it
Say whatyou gotta say
Fuck how they gone take it

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