Lauren Jauregui – Meet me in the In Between Lyrics

Lauren Jauregui Meet me in the In Between Lyrics

Love me in the in between,
On my way to being the full being I am meant to be

For me
And for the future we
And all the me’s that I have been.
The dreams that come to tell me of the path that lies ahead
The things that I must leave behind instead of me for dead
The parts that have finally reached their dead end and at the end of it all there always seems to be some more to dig up and through
But that is what we do
We live.

And are alive while we learn to survive and then thrive in this life.
Cut open the pieces buried deepest inside
To let out the pieces that still try to find their place to hide
In our lungs
And our hearts that have stung for so long we’ve become accustomed to being this numb and this hung up on all of the potential instead of the truth.
It’s all monumental and accidental in truth
And only as instrumental and detrimental as you allow it to be.
Can’t allow ourselves to be used.
I wade in the waters of the in between.
Until I’m born again,
A new and renewed.

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Lauren Jauregui, Powers Pleasant
  • Album: In Between
  • Released: 2023