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Lady A – What a Song Can Do Lyrics, Tracklist

Lady A What a Song Can Do Lyrics,  What a Song Can Do Lyrics by Lady A

What a Song Can Do (Chapter One) is the third extended play by American country music trio, Lady A via Machine Label Group, LLC.

Following the success of their 2019 album Ocean, Lady A is back with a two-volume project that seeks to return to the superstar trio’s musical roots while also expanding upon them.

Lady A tapped Ocean producer Dann Huff to helm the project, which, as with the trio’s best work, finds the intersection between the contemporary country, soft rock, and melodic pop.

Lady A What a Song Can Do Tracklist;

  1. Lady A – Talk of This Town Lyrics
  2. Lady A – What a Song Can Do Lyrics
  3. Lady A – Like A Lady Lyrics
  4. Lady A – Things He Handed Down Lyrics
  5. Lady A – Fire Lyrics
  6. Lady A – Chance of Rain Lyrics
  7. Lady A – Worship What I Hate Lyrics
  8. Lady A – Where Would I Be Lyrics
  9. Lady A – Friends Don’t Let Friends Lyrics ft. Carly Pearce, Darius Rucker, Thomas Rhett
  10. Lady A – In Waves Lyrics
  11. Lady A – You Keep Thinking That Lyrics
  12. Lady A – Be That For You Lyrics
  13. Lady A – Workin’ On This Love Lyrics
  14. Lady A – Swore I Was Leaving Lyrics

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