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Kwesi Arthur & Medikal – DIFFERENT Lyrics

Kwesi Arthur DIFFERENT Lyrics, DIFFERENT Lyrics by Kwesi Arthur ft Medikal


Still with the same folks
But, chale, my mind different
We dey the same zone
But me my time different
She no dey want listen
She no be consistent
Ghana boy s3 menni hwee koraa na a 3ny3 me ambition

Jooo airplane mode, flier than a poster
B33ma forgetti mek) oo
Wo hyia me w) town a magye sika
Mo to pono no mu aa Windows, forgetti vista
Sika bebree na egu me botomu, 3ny3 s3 mehy3da twe otofista

Atletico fuck up my bet second time in a month
But eye red I go make it back
)se I remind her of Uzi
I do what I want and the shots I dey make it fast
Mo toli no 3y3 chale make it facts
Colombia dough, we for get it back
The colour of my force then my hair dey match
I call your hoe Holo G cos she just dey cap
Your name I dey pee on
Shit wey we be on
Celina aa y3nim ne Celine Dion

Wo nfeeli me fior
Deadly sen corona cure
Y3 spray mo s3 dior
Gucci Gucci, bad and boujee
Such a bully, kalabuley
Wei na mo Di
Bisa Suzzy, b3gye sika shaki booty
Me b) mo te s3 call of duty
Me life y3 movie, hwan na )hw3 bi

We dey the same zone
Me no my time different
Living in abundance, no competition
Bu wo ho kakra, shun the ass kissing
No regrets for all my bad decisions
Follow God’s decisions
Meny3 politicians but they follow man
Me p3 fast life can’t slow down
You get killer erh? We get blowman

24/7 I be getting paid
Ashfoam I be getting laid
The only thing wey dey increase for your life be your age
You dey mad, you dey craze
We dey ball, commentate
We dey speed, overtake
We dey wake, we dey bake
Earthquake, them go shake

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