Kid Cudi OFTEN I HAVE THESE DREAMZ Lyrics (feat. DJ Drama)

When I get the call from the wizard for this collaboration, it only made sense, right?
I mean we birth the sound
We birth the style
We birth the culture
You n*** welcome
But now it’s time for some new and improved shit
I mean life has been amazing
Blessings on blessings on blessings
Fair to say we God’s favorites (Oh yeah)
God got you too
Yes sir, yeah
Cudi, DJ Drama
Yeah, oh
Y’all ready?

This is unlimited kisses
From me to your bitches
Misses cut her again
I’m finally aligned within
Been on my shit, back in this
Been peeling these n**’s cap back
Gotta love these raps, ha ha
To most these n*** I’m papa

In the zoo I’m flicky
All the ladies thick
Gotta find me something
Take my pick and I gotta make it quick, shit
Who knows? N**, I’m so slumptastic
N**, it’s automatic
Sound so cinematic-atic-atic

Cudi talk to ’em

You know, it’s crazy
I often have these dreams of me falling through the sky, you know what I’m sayin’?
And I, somehow, before I hit the ground, I start flying
You know what I’m sayin’? I start flying
I fly back up to the sky, you know? High as fuck
High as fuck, past the planets
Get ’em

N*** ain’t never seen it
Walking the line but leaning
The truth is all that tequila, he rose
Can’t nobody seem to be him
Top of the boss, I’m wavey
I’m driving the ladies crazy
He ripping again, aw man
Dawg, they all mad
Aw, just live a little
Tokyo from Paris, damn
Who ran? Aw, first fans
Who’s on just to cheer him on?
They love my grammar, man

You know, they always say it’s punk motherfucker that’s tryna bring you down when they see you shining
Don’t worry, don’t worry
God gotcha

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Dorian Burton, Herman Kelly, Jean Baptiste, Mike McHenry, Scott Mescudi, William Coleman
  • Album: INSANO
  • Released: 2024