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FINNEAS – Optimist Album Lyrics, Tracklist

FINNEAS Optimist Album Lyrics, Optimist Album Lyrics by FINNEAS

Billie Eilish‘s sibling, record producer and songwriter, FINNEAS has announced his debut project ‘Optimist‘ album via Interscope Records.

FINNEAS Optimist Album Tracklist;

  1. FINNEAS – A Concert Six Months From Now Lyrics
  2. FINNEAS – The Kids Are All Dying Lyrics
  3. FINNEAS – Happy Now? Lyrics
  4. FINNEAS – Only a Lifetime Lyrics
  5. FINNEAS – The 90s Lyrics
  6. FINNEAS – Love is Pain Lyrics
  7. FINNEAS – Peaches Etude Lyrics
  8. FINNEAS – Hurt Locker Lyrics
  9. FINNEAS – Medieval Lyrics
  10. FINNEAS – Someone Else’s Star Lyrics
  11. FINNEAS – Around My Neck Lyrics
  12. FINNEAS – What They’ll Say About Us Lyrics
  13. FINNEAS – How It Ends Lyrics

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