Erigga – Assumptions Lyrics

Erigga Assumptions Lyrics (feat. Krista)

Mmy name na erigga paper boi menh
Welcome to family time, assumption na the mother of mess up
No be story when dem talk go farm Nai dem dey talk when dem dey come back oh
From lost boy to family time you know who I be?

Me I no be that kind human
I no they force my things
Everyday na cruise and vibes
You know that kind thing
Make them carry talk my matter for back
I no fit stress I no fit worry
Ki lo ko mi
I’m making money
Jah jah blessings upon me
Abeg Abeg
Na God Abeg
Enemy self wan worry thier head
But anointing they for here
E Dey my head
I no relent
Na ahead ahead
If the money they for there
I they for there
I hear the gist but me I no send
Anything you do for there
I they for here
They chop life bro me I no send
It’s unruly
To assume that
This man gon fail
Never never never

So unruly
To assume that this man gon fail
Never Never
He tell me say God dey he church but I no see am for there
I see am for my heart since then Nai two of us dey pair
Your man dey jump hold am make e no go disappear
If money no be magician why her clothes disappear
I smell good if no be Burberry na Dior Dior Dior
Call your kpokpokpo we dey your door kpokpokpo
Open tell me watin you wan use my downfall do
Human being bad watin you feel say make church dey full
Whooooo you feel say you fit do like me
Cool tell am make e do am like me
The last persin when try no reach 2mins
Industry no forget am na he money finish
For we no to dey flog ground when snake don pass
Go work on your self you no fit hate who work pass you
But idle man no go gree e dey devil work shop
Dey argue e no fit work all he tongue dey blue
Stay the Fuck away from me if your energy bad
You no be my blood you no be my swad
You only love me when things dey hard
Watin dey sup why na only me dey use my card
Swipe I no need canoe soap or sponge
To watch my back Na Oluwa work be that
But if na match una want na to flip the coin
Leave 10 for your back like Ronaldo ask
It’s unruly
To assume that
This man gon fail
Never never never

So unruly
To assume that this man gon fail
Never Never
Actually I started my day with dick standing
Small Clara from last nite with two outstanding
Tv still dey on enter shower hit the road
No wan miss my train cos time for London na gold
I get Business meeting with some white men
Serious bag when fit make police invite men
So When you see me drive pass you beg no vex
I too trek when I broke nia make me buy benz
The white one

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Erigga, Krista
  • Album: Family Time
  • Released: 2023