Caity Baser – DILF Lyrics

Caity Baser DILF Lyrics

I think you’re so sweet
You do everything right
Heartfelt conversations
Into the darkness of the night
And I swear I’ve never felt
This way about anyone before
But there’s just one little thing
I find too hard to ignore

Your dads a dilf
He’s absolute filth
You might have his eyes
But you’re half his size
I prefer how he’s built
Your dads a dilf
He’s like you on stilts
Can’t take anymore
He should get a divorce
I can’t help how I feel

It’s not that deep I wanna call your dad daddy
Cheer him up on rainy days whenever he’s unhappy
I bet if kiss him his oh lips taste or brandy
I can tell that he’s a carpenter a man that’s pretty handy

I don’t feel bad I see him when I’m sleeping
Cos I can feel the tension when we’re at the table eating
Coming in your house it’s highlight of my weekend
I’m never leavening

I think you’re so sweet
An You do everything right
But I prefer your dad
Even at 55
I’ve tried to keep it in
But I’ve run out of luck
Your dad is just someone
I’d like to…

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Caity Baser
  • Album: DILF
  • Released: 2023