Bien – Time Alone Lyrics

Bien Time Alone Lyrics, Tay Iwar Time Alone Lyrics

I’ve been through all these phases
Drinking more and thinking less
Wanna go back to basic
I know, I’m not
The one you use to know
I’m going through some changes

Don’t take it personal
If I don’t come back home you’ll be the first to know
Can’t go round & round if it hurts me most
Maybe I just need some time alone
Need some time alone

When spend your whole life trying to be somebody
Didn’t work this hard just to be nobody
Nearly loss myself trying to please somebody
No losing sleep thinking bout it
It’s not for me

Take that pressure make diamond
It’s all in the timing

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Andrew Smart, Austin Iornongu Iwar, Bienaime Alusa, Samuel Awuku, Taiwo Sotonwa
  • Album: Alusa Why Are You Topless?
  • Released: 2023