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BAYNK – ADOLESCENCE Lyrics, Tracklist


“I went through this period of not being able to write anything,” London-based New Zealander Jock Nowell-Usticke, aka BAYNK.

“And I put that down to being in a stable and happy relationship, on top of the pandemic happening and just being stuck inside all the time.” Lacking in inspiration, Nowell-Usticke turned to his past and began to draw on his formative years.

“The music just flowed out of me,” he says. “I was reliving all of my first loves and times when I found a passion for musical expression, plus all the loneliness and isolation that goes with that period in your life.”

Aptly titled ADOLESCENCE, the album is a dreamy and deeply melodic journey through a time in life when things hit harder. “It was just really cathartic,” he says.

“Delving into all that nostalgia was really invigorating and helped get me back on my feet creatively.”


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