A-Reece – OUTRO Lyrics

A-Reece OUTRO Lyrics

What’s up world?
It’s your boy – A-Reece
Baby Boy really a hazard
Danville extension 3 native
World, in the famous words of the legendary AKA (Rest in peace man)
Nobody, got it like I got it where I came from
Ask about me, man
I just wanna take this moment to thank all my supporters, the slimes
For having my back throughout all these years
Damn, you know?
Thank you for, growing with me
Liftin’ me up when I’m down, you know?
Believin’ in me when nobody else would but myself
I would never take that for granted and I just want you to know I truly appreciate it, real shit
Dawg, like, I been doin’ this since I was only 16
You know? Long nights in the studio makin’ mixtapes and albums
Doin’ shows
Gettin’ on stages, doin’ TV shows
I mean, all that, all that, you know?
I mean this music shit, man
This is all I know, I don’t know how to do anything else to be honest with you and-
I guess the real question is “What’s next?”
What’s next?

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: A-Reece
  • Released: 2023