A-Reece – EL DORADO Lyrics

A-Reece EL DORADO Lyrics (feat. Fly Anakin)

It’s amazin’ how they just keep acting like they know me
Like somebody told these niggas Reece was handin’ out a Tony (And the winner is)
Already told you I’ve been fire since
Even as a rookie, I was more like Allen Iverson in ’96
Sleepin’ on the progress, they was gettin’ cosy
Didn’t trust the process ’cause it happened slowly
I was patient, never folded (Facts)
Not even clothes inside the luggage bag
Instead, I’m stuffin’ all this cheese inside it like it’s ravioli, paid in full (Yeah)
Don’t get excited, might just count it right in front of you
And if I do, until I’m done nobody’s goin’ out the room (Nobody)
Somebody ’round me walkin’ with a stick

I call him Master Roshi
He made the pledge – He’d rather die before me, play it cool
You know the motto, we ain’t promised no tomorrow
Every move come with consequences that follow
Somebody should’ve told you that the City of Gold is no Eldorado
If only you knew what I know
But, mi no hablo
The game is so
You lil’ niggas seem to show interest in this
Rap jungle, it’s survival of the fittest
And I’m spittin’ like I’m nauseous
I survived ’cause I’m the illest
Bitch, my name should be inside the book of Guinness, uh

Might crack the bottle, bro, these niggas finished
Be my witness
Oh let’s bespecific
I see why they livid
I’d be mad if I ain’t had this pivot
Talkin’ like I live it
It was meant to be that’s why you snitches stylin’ on my
Lost without the pimpin’
Used the magic for a better livin’
Seek the bad
Callin’ out the
The past four dimensions wasn’t bad but I need more than that
Passport next to the Glizzy

I had to let you know that we ain’t never looked for the pity, we only takin’ cash
Used to know that hoe but she silly, that’s unacceptable
She liked to talk about how she’d get me, I got up out there fast
Never let them know your next move, it’s a chess move
They watch this
Sleepin’ in the next move
They hate these niggas
They actin’ desperate too
To stand next to you
Was made for this- (Uh fuck)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: A-Reece, Fly Anakin
  • Released: 2023